Sales Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Purchase Consulting

Recruiting Man Power

Over the years we found that our worker talents can help to other companies with low budget, to enter our local market. Our worker experiences are critical advantage for such as companies. We can design marketing strategic, We can make marketing survey for your product. If you need help to find a local product/ material we can locate that product/ material for you. And we can build and create your local sales team.

Finding investors for High tech & startup companies

For High tech & startup companies that looking for investors, we can use our connections, to help you find capital and investors for your idea and company, and make all the arrangement for capital transfer.  

For investors that are looking for local High tech & companies for investments

If you looking to invest in the Israeli high-tech / startup companies we can help you to find the perfect investments for you. We know the local industrial market for many years and we can locate the high-tech/ startup companies that will increase your investment .