EVTec Group

EVTEC China LTD: Our local company exports: electronics display, touch & computing solutions, electronic gadgets and green energy solutions. The company also imports new industrial technology to the Chinese market.

EVTEC Sri Lanka: Our local branch deals with the import for the local market and manages the customer support, with complying our customers’ technology needs and integration of our products.

Why EVTec?

Low Cost

Embedded Solutions

On-shelf Products

Our goal is to provide our customers with “tailor-made” solutions that will fit to their needs, based on our long time experience and market technology understanding.

Our Products

Mini PC
Industrial SBC solutions
Thin client
PC accessories
IR touch
4/5 Wire Touch
PCT touch
Touch Foil
Anti-vandal & sun read
     ability touch solutions
Display & Monitors
Sun readability
IP-65 solutions


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